20-22 June, 2019

15th International Cosmetics, Beauty, Hair Exhibition
IFM / Istanbul Expo Center, Turkey


13 March 2019

Exhibitor Feedbacks - Aziz Plastic

What are the products that you produce?
Our company was established in 1968 by İsmet Akın under the name of “Akın Madeni Eşya” with the aim of producing metal products. In 1976, the family company with the name of Akın Madeni Eşya ve Plastik San. Koll. Şti. started to manufacture plastic and mold. In the beginning, our business started in the small market, then continued in our factory located in the Doğu industrial zone for 30 years. Since 2014, our plastic packaging production to mainly cosmetics industry, food companies, and pharmaceutical companies has continued in our factory under the names of Akın Plastik and Aziz Plastik.
What are the trends of 2019?
Our R & D department continues its research in 2019. We have identified new trends in packaging. We focus more on pet and new designs and we aim to turn every customer's packaging into a brand experience.
What are the characteristics you look for in a new product?
Each person is unique, attractive, and original on his/her own ways and what we expect from the product is the same: we want it to stand out and be unique among other packagings with its design.
How does BeautyEurasia contribute to your sales and marketing activities?
We attend 8 domestic and international exhibitions organized each year. We present our new products and trends of the year to our customers in the exhibitions we attended. We are expanding our design and production area further in line with the demands of our visitors attending the exhibition from home and abroad.
What are your expectations from the exhibition?
We wish that the exhibition bring together international and domestic producers and buyers and productive business meetings are held.