20-22 June, 2019

15th International Cosmetics, Beauty, Hair Exhibition
IFM / Istanbul Expo Center, Turkey

VIP Buyers Delegation


How can I get an appointment?

  • The exhibitors can apply by sending an e-mail to [email protected]  for B2B meetings.
  • We kindly ask for your appointment requests to be sent until April 5, 2018 Thursday to the stated e-mail addresses.
  • All B2B meetings will be held in Hosted Buyer Lounge at the main foyer.Each meeting is scheduled for 20 minutes.
  • Buyers are listed alphabetically.
  • B2B meetings will be held on 12-13-14 April 2018.

How many meetings can I have ?

  • Hosted buyers are required to hold at least 10 B2B meetings per day. However, most buyers make much more than this number. The duration of each slot is 20 minutes and there is 10 minutes break after each slot.


Firma / Ülke

Firma / Ülke

Bahar Store / Azerbaijan

Kapalua Trading S.A. / Spain

BE Trading LLC / Ukraine

Maxima / Lithuania

Beauty Life Ukraine / Ukraine

Novus / Ukraine

Billa Bulgaria / Bulgaria

NPE Chyzhevska O.V. / Ukraine

Breeze Traders / Pakistan

Prostand Group / Moldova

CQIC Services & Consultations / Jordan
Roots for Beauty & Health / Jordan

Drogerie Union / Russia

SL Distribution LLC / Ukraine

Dweik Cosmetics / Palestine

Slender Shop / Colombia

El-Dan Clinic / Lebanon

Sylva Beauty Clinic & Spa / Lebanon

Espol S.A. / Chile

Tenten Beauty / Ukraine

Eurochem Trade House LLP / Kazakhistan

Xtradis / Fas

HBC Latina / Chile


How the system works?

You can find listed companies of Hosted Buyers by name and country on the list.

  1. First of all you should pick the companies that you are interested with.
  2. Create a list by specifying the day and time for each company you want to meet.
  3. Send the list that you created to [email protected]
  4. The authorities will contact you about your B2B meeting approval.

Please contact us:
Melis Keçeci - [email protected]
Tel +90 212 291 83 10 / 3083 
Cengiz Şen - [email protected]
Tel +90 212 291 83 10 / 3018



Maxima / Lithuania