12-14 April, 2018

IFM / Istanbul Expo Center

Visiting Istanbul


Visiting Istanbul

With the Bosphorus sea-strait flowing along its heart, Istanbul is literally located at where two continents meet; and both Asia and Europe add their distinct flavors to the texture of the city. Economically and culturally, it is the pulsating hub of an extensive map, where Central Asia, East Europe, Balkans, the Caucasus, Middle East and North Africa converge.
Istanbul. The main reason of Istanbul's being a very popular city for which wars are made, lives are lost is its geographical location; Its west part is in Europe and east part is in Asia. The important waterline dividing Istanbul into two is the Bosphorus Istanbul is both the nearest Asian city to Europe and the nearest European city to Asia.

Istanbul is the key city for the cosmetic sector.

Come to Istanbul, discover your opportunities and explore a great market.