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Gate to a Vast Market


Turkey has an essentially young population of about 70 million and a dynamic economy on the fast-growth track. It is the 16th largest economy of the world and offers a significant domestic market. The country is excellently positioned as a natural production and marketing base in the region, due not only to its six neighbours in the East and two in the West but also to its proximity to numerous other countries. It is easy to travel and to transport goods to/from abroad via any means, presenting further competitive flexibility.

Turkey does not require visas for citizens of most countries, and a visa is easily issued for many others at points of entry as a minor formality. Thus, it is very convenient for daily trips both for commercial and touristic purposes. Each year, millions visit the country for business and pleasure alike.

Turkey is a Customs Union member of the European Union. In addition, it has bilateral Free Trade Agreements with most of the countries in the region. This fact alone permits free circulation of products and services between Turkey and the region at large.